Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hulk Stunt Cycle!

Hulk thought Hulk had seen last of stupid Hulk toys that have Hulk driving car or boat... but Hulk was wrong! Hulk hates stupid motorcycle toy! HULK IS GETTING MAD!

Hey, why is white dog with cape barking at Hulk?

(a bit of tussle later)

Uh, hi... "puny human Jon" here... apparently, Krypto's decided to keep an eye on things when the Hulk comes by to do his blog entries, the better to keep my house in one piece. When the Hulk started getting upset, Krypto flew him away until he could get a chance to calm down.

I'm not sure if he'll be back for tomorrow's post or not... I suppose I'd best make sure I've got She-Hulk, Rick Jones, or Doc Samson on my cell phone still...

What? I'm sorry... oh, some of you don't read "Random Acts of Geekery" and didn't know that my dog was Krypto? He's got his own Facebook page and everything! Well, now you know...

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