Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hulk Ice Pops!

Um, hello? I can never quite get used to doing this. Bruce Banner here... apparently the Hulk managed to calm down enough yesterday to change back to me, which normally would mean I'd look for an opportunity to cure myself of the curse of this dual life and end the menace I am as the Hulk forever... but apparently there's some kind of agreement that I'm obligated to honor in the event that I am available each day to provide a blog entry.

Anyway, these "Ice Pops"... they appear to be rather mislabled, aren't they? Obviously, they should have been called "Ice Pop Molds," and it is also extremely audacious of them to promise that any Ice Pops you make with this would be delicious, because that would depend entirely on what liquid you're using, wouldn't it?

Oh, sorry... apparently, the person who's actually in overall charge of this daily blog does not consider it entirely appropriate to completely nitpick everything about these items. Well, I suppose as long as nothing makes me angry, I should be returning here tomorrow to look at something else.

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