Monday, August 23, 2010

Hulk Drawings!

Above, we have page 19 from Hulk #166, by Herb Trimpe.

No, it's not Bruce Banner writing today's entry (it's Jon filling in today)... apparently, he decided to go for a walk in the neighborhood here, and unfortunately, a few of our neighbors don't keep their dogs in the yard. Right after Bruce stepped in some dog poop, one of said dogs came running down the street, barking at him. Now, Bruce has become accustomed to our dogs, but not the neighbor dogs... and, well, he got scared and upset... and you can guess what happened next.

It's risky enough having Bruce Banner walking around outside the house (not that anyone would recognize him), but clearly, having the Hulk in the neighborhood is not good, so Krypto gave him a faster-than-the-human-eye-can-see ride to the portal connecting our universe to the comic book universes before things got too out of control.

Why did I even think having the Hulk write blog entries was a good idea?

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