Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fun Poncho!

Man, I knew it was a mistake when I heard they'd asked ol' Thunderbolt to fill in here... I mean, that turkey's so jive it's not funny! I guess that's what happens when you don't check your messages often enough.

Oh, I guess I'd best be telling you who I am... Jim Wilson's the name, or as some people call me, "Hulk sidekick #2," after Rick Jones. Hey, it's all cool... I just don't understand why I don't get called in more often when the Hulk's not available to come over here. I also don't understand why there's some big white dog with a yellow collar and red cape giving me the stink-eye as I'm sitting here typing this. I heard from Rick that this dog wasn't being Mr. Friendly to him, either, so I guess I can't be offended!

So, what is it I'm supposed to be doing here? Oh, yeah, I remember now... talk about the Hulk stuff... so up there's a picture of a Hulk "fun poncho" -- are ponchos really that fun? At least it looks like a decent pic of Jade-Jaws on there!

Hey, just got a message that the Hulk's cooled down, and he should be back tomorrow... man, doesn't that just figure? Jones gets a few days filling in, and I just get one!

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