Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hulk Drawings!


Hulk does not understand why Banner is on drawings from Rampaging Hulk 3, but Hulk is not there. Rampaging Hulk was Hulk's comic book, not Banner's!


Hulk is getting angry... Drawing is from Rampaging Hulk 13, but Hulk is barely there! Just more Puny Banner!


Hulk is getting happier now... Hulk is on drawings for Rampaging Hulk 8! But Hulk does not remember this fight with stupid Iron Man. Hulk thinks this was out of continuity.


Hulk is getting angry again! Hulk is not on this page of Rampaging Hulk 8, just Puny Banner and Rick!


Hulk is not on this page, either! Just stupid Banner and Rick and stupid Iron Man!


Hulk can relax now... Hulk is on this page, fighting Iron Man again. Puny Jon says collectors like to keep pages of Hulk comic with Hulk on them, and mostly sell pages with puny Banner. Hulk is not sure Hulk buys that.

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