Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hulk and Fantastic Four Game!


Bruce Banner here... and oh, joy, today it's a Hulk board game guest-starring the Fantastic Four, but it's not even the proper Fantastic Four! Oh, nooooo... it has to be with that stupid Herbie robot, not the Torch! And of course, I'm not even a part of the game, it's the Hulk! No "Bruce Banner" games out there, no sir-ree!

And where's the money from all this licensing? Do I see a penny of it? Do I get checks that I can spend on equipment to cure me? Noooo... the Hulk gets stashes of canned beans in payment, if the stupid green lummox remembers where they're kept for him! Have you ever woken up in a cave after a seven foot tall green monster has been eating beans for 12 hours? It doesn't smell pretty, I'll tell you!

Aaarrgh... losing temper... pulse pounding... got to... get out of here...

Uh... Jon writing now... Bruce just burst out of my home office and into the back yard. Should he really have taken the time to type all that before he left?

I suppose the Hulk will be back tomorrow.

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