Monday, November 30, 2009



Hey, it's Rick Jones again... Doc Samson says he won't come by to fill in because his schedule's way too full. Apparently, the stuff that's been happing in the current Marvel comics is really messing with the minds of all the super-heroes there, and there's a lot of therapy needed!

Man, I'm glad I'm from before all that stuff started happening. I wonder if I can warn my future self about any of it? What? Oh, I see... apparently, I'm from a Bronze Age reality of sorts that won't get into that, so I'm safe.

Let's see, now... what have we got here? A Hulk wallet? Well, I suppose if you're a Hulk fan, you need a place to put your money in. I can just imagine what my buddy the Hulk would say about this, though... "Hulk does not need place to keep money, Hulk does not understand money!"

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