Friday, November 27, 2009

Vics 1978 Figure!


Hello, Jennifer Walters, AKA the Sensational She-Hulk here today! I'm filling in because my cousin's on a bit of a rampage, trying to find whoever thought up the ridiculous utility belt toy. One problem with the Hulk, you know, is that he tends to think with his muscles! Now, I would've tried to talk him into some kind of legal action against the manufacturer, but I don't see that the Remco company is around these days -- besides, that would've been too long ago by now to sue, and the Hulk thinks money is only good enough for buying beans with.

Anyway, today's featured Hulk item is a 1978 plastic figure made by Vic Toys. I can't say it's a very good likeness, though... I mean, look at the size of that head? Even the card art shows that the Hulk's head isn't that big compared to his body!

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