Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hulk Cards!


Hulk thought Hulk was done with so-called funny cards! Hulk must do what Hulk must do, Hulk guesses.

Hulk does not think it is funny for Hulk to go swimming... Hulk does not like swimming, only swims when Hulk has to. Fish-Man lives in water.


Why is Leader not green on this card? Why does cars show Hulk beaten by Leader?

Hulk does not like coffee. Hulk ate coffee once because it looked like beans. Hulk thinks coffee beans are too bitter, not like beans Hulk likes.


Hulk does not like lighting and electricity. Hulk fought Zzzaxx and did not like it.


Hulk's head hurts too much when looking at cards... why are only Hulk's fingers on card?

Hulk does not think joke is funny, either. Hulk thinks maybe Puny Jon is reading them to him wrong.


Hulk does not remember fighting puny humans in blue costumes. Hulk does not understand what the joke is on this card, if he does not remember fighting these puny humans?


Hulk is not happy looking at this puzzle... Hulk is smallest one there! Hulk is not all green, either. Hulk knows that Flag-Man is colored wrong, too. Hulk thinks it is funny that Hammer Man looks like he is wearing shorts. Hulk thinks this is first funny joke on these cards!

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