Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hulk Cards!

Cards are from set with others who fight Hulk, but Hulk only cares about Hulk cards.


This card has no words coming from Hulk? Puny Jon says Hulk should decide what Hulk says, and Hulk should be funny! Hulk does not tell jokes! Hulk says that Hulk says "Hulk smash!"


Hulk does not understand joke when Puny Jon reads card to him. Hulk does not know what Pee Tee Ay meetings are!


Hulk is confused... where is Hulk on this card?


Hulk does not understand why Hulk is saying he was a weakling. Banner is weak! Hulk is strong!


Hulk does not understand any of these jokes... Hulk does not pound on doors to play! Hulk pounds on doors to get to enemies!


Hulk does not know what an "a-bomb" is... Hulk remembers gamma bomb, but not a-bomb... and all Hulk wants for Christmas or any time is to be left alone!

Hulk thinks jokes are stupid.

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