Sunday, June 7, 2009

Heroes World Catalog Pages!

Hulk getting tired of catalog pages, so Hulk is trying to get done with them.


Hulk Van? Hulk Light? Hulk doesn't understand. Hulk does not have driver's license, and Hulk's body does not make light.


Hulk puppet looks silly. Hulk wants to know why Hulk puppet does not have arms? How can Hulk fight Bug-Man and Flag-Man if Hulk does not have arms?

Hulk muscles are silly... Hulk knows ballooons under shirt does not make one strong!


Hulk thinks bubble gun is silly... but Hulk likes bubbles. Hulk doesn't know what Hulk would do with Hulk pen!


Another Hulk car? Hulk does not understand who would buy Hulk car!


Hulk car again?


First Hulk toy that Hulk likes... toy Hulk breaks out of cage! Hulk does not like cages.

Hulk skipping rest of catalog pages so Hulk can get to pictures of stuff.

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